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From 'Lethe' to the 'Skies Above'

...for all those memories so carelessly cast aside

No dears, my name is not a misspelling of the word Bastille, but many thanks on all account for asking, those of you that have done so have provided me with no small amount of amusement.

That aside I am, I suppose, a writer, by trade (if a some what flighty and uninspired one more often than not. Those who wish to know me further, click away and be prepared to step into the inner reaches of what just may or may not be my mind, as one never can tell in this day and age what is truly meant and what is merely set out either for effect, or for show. I cover and have ingratiated myself with various fandoms, avidly follow various lines of 'fanfic' and have been occasionally known to go so far as to pen a fic myself.